Tax is always the top concern of enterprises. The acquisition, updating of new tax policies and the application of tax policies in accordance with the business activities of enterprises will minimize the damage risks of economic benefits to enterprises. CPTAX with a team of experienced consultant experts in the fields of tax, audit, finance will help customers maximize the benefits of enterprises.CPTAX offers customers a variety of services, including tax consultancy, tax declaration support, tax settlement, tax rebate and tax risk warnings, etc…as well as providing optimal solutions to problems of tax for enterprises.


CPTAX provides customer support services in making and declaring Tax reports (Coporate Income Tax (CIT), value-added tax (VAT), Personal Income Tax (PIT), etc.) according to regulations. Today, with the provisions of tax law, enterprises are active in identifying, declaring and paying taxes … and therefore, enterprises often encounter difficulties when making tax declaration leading to high risks when Tax agency inspects, settlesthe collected tax and fine (wrong declaration and late payment) will be very large if prolong many years, etc…


Services provided to customers by CPTAX include: –  Update new regulations, changes in tax policy –  Consult on tax policies related to each business activity of the enterprises –  Consult on compliance with provisions of law and related taxes – Consultrequently –  Consult according to the incident


CPTAX provides services related to the control of data of Financial statements and Tax reports in accordance with the regulations and guidelines of the State agencies, thereby offering additional adjustments and complete solutions for those reports, etc…


Tax rebate will create favorable conditions to solve the financial difficulties for enterprises. However, due to the tax rebate policy has many changes, administrative procedures are wordy so many units encounter a lot of “obstacles” when implementing. CPTAX will provide customers with support services that perform all tax rebate procedures with optimum time and efficiency, including: –  Establishtax rebate record: Examine and complete tax rebate record (accounting books, documents, invoices, etc…) –  Submit tax rebate record to the Tax office –  Assist in controlling documents and explaining them in the course of checking tax rebate at enterprises.


Tax Checking – Inspection are regular activities of the Tax Office and also complex problem that takes time and costs for enterprises. Tax settlement requires enterprises having through knowledge of the tax policies, business activities of the unit and requires high professional skills. To maximize the benefits for enterprises, with many year experienced experts, CPTAX can provide customer support services at all stages of tax checking and inspection, including:

– Control and consult perfectly documents, Financial reports and Tax reports: checking the reasonableness of documents, identifying risks and methods of handling and adjusting the submitted reports to Tax office – Assist customers in analysing and explaining datas in accordance with business activities and tax regulations.


CPTAX will provide customers with the most optimal solutions for each problem in law compliance while maximizing the economic benefits for enterprises.