Dear Valued Customer !

First of all, we would like to send our best wishes to you !

CPT Tax Consulting Co.,Ltd (CPTAX)  was established by a team of experts with many years of experience in the fields of Taxation – Auditing – Accounting, having spent the actual working time at the tax offices, economic groups and large auditing firm.

CPTAX would like to send this open letter with the hope that you will have more perfect choice for solving problems in business process, especially in the fields related to tax policy, accounting and finance.

Currently, new business law is applied, together with changes in the accounting regime and especially the frequent changes of tax policies …, making it difficult for the Company’s accountants to update, follow the changes and at the same time lead to many problems arised in accounting and tax declaration. Sometimes the errors are discovered too late will cause difficulties or the inability to edit the documents or adjust accounting … leading to undue mistakes and increase the tax burden for the Company (especially in case of errors discovered after checking the tax settlement, apart from the payable tax amount, the Company shall have to pay additional penalties for wrong declaration, late payment …). Understand this, CPTAX always accompany to help customers carry out regular checks every month, every quarter or every fiscal year , thereby improving the cognitive abilities of accountants and at the same time preventing tax risks for your Company. With the message “Does your Company have problems? We have the solution!”, CPTAX offers optimal solutions for your Company’s tax – accounting – financial difficulties in the fastest and most effective way.

CPTAX always consider the belief and success of customers as the development platform of us. We believe that, quality assurance services, together with a team of enthusiastic and professional experts who always complete the work with high efficiency, in accordance with agreement time and reasonable cost with the brand of CPTAX will make you satisfied.

Sincerely thank for your interest in this letter!

Best regards.


Bui Hoang Phuong (Mr.)