Enterprises that frequently carry out trade affairs may not fully understand about the nature of the transaction and involved legal corridor. Therefore, in every trade affair, involved advantages as well as all potential risks should be clearly defined. CPTAX financial experts with many years of experience in finance, tax and law will assist customers with the above issues in order to gain benefits in each trade affair.


Manage the cash flow in and out of each project, each business activity of the enterprises is a decisive and very difficult task. This requires the flexibility, knowledge of the business and high professional qualification of corporate finance managers, which can not be done independently by all business owners. Therefore CPTAX will provide customers the maximum support with the highest efficiency in the establishment of appropriate short-term, long-term financial plans and use of capital with efficiency, as follows:

–  Project finance consultancy: survey, research, analyze and evaluate the economy of the project, evaluate the capacity of potential funding sources, thereby build rational and efficient capital structure, achieve economic and financial efficiency for the project.

–  Corporate finance consultancy: Advise enterprises on handling difficult problems in financial activities, Consult enterprises on building financial plan in business and establish capital arrangement scheme according to the enterprise’s needs.

Through financial consultancy, help enterprises strengthen the management system capacity, improve the accounting system, management accounting and internal control, help to tightly control production costs and reduce the cost price of products; improve human resource management, salary, bonus and welfare systems; Strengthen the business efficiency evaluation system; Human resource development, etc…


Come to CPTAX customers will be consulted by experts with many years of experience about investment with the following contents: –  Consult on law, guideline and investment policy –  Consult on applied investment favours: branches, professions, fields, preferential areas, tax favours, etc. –  Assess the feasibility of investment opportunities –  Assess the feasibility of investment projects –  Consult and define risks for projects can result from socio-economic, market changes and legal systems –  Consult on establishing investment projects.


In enterprise’s activities, there are always many potential risks, especially in the business environment in Vietnam today, problems always appear in all business activities of enterprises. Economic policies constantly change, people involved in business processes do not catch up in time or lack of procedures, regulations, not comply with the law, etc…CPTAX will help enterprises selecting to control operations in the following ways:

–  Establish system of collecting and handling information to assess and control business efficiency in all aspects, including from human resource management, production, marketing, sales, and information systems to finance, accounting, and more importantly is the system which always tends to the long-term strategic goal implementation of the enterprises.

–  Control directly operations in enterprises to help business manager discovering errors in the system, misleadings in action effect versus plans, defects in internal controls in order to give Risk report for timely corrective actions and methods.