Accountants in each enterprise play very important roles in providing information for Managers’ decisions. Analyzing accounting datas with accurate, timely and complete information will help managers to seize the real situation of enterprises, the market happening, etc… thereby giving accurate assessments and decisions. CPTAX will provide customers with high quality accounting services from experts with knowledge of accounting and tax with many years of experience.


On the basis of information and knowledge of the enterprises, CPTax will assist customers in establishing the accounting system suitable for business activities:

–  Organization of the accounting machine: arrange appropriate personnel; develop functions and tasks of the accounting department and of each employee.
–  Organization of accounting:
+ Establish systems of documents, forms and reports in accordance with current regulations and actual business activities of customers.
+ Establish systems of accounts and accounting books in compliance with current regulations of the Ministry of Finance and in accordance with the actual business of customers.
+ Establish accounting procedures, procedures of controlling appropriate accounting datas
+ Establish procedures of preparing and approving the financial reporting system in accordance with the current regulations of the Ministry of Finance
+ Consult on selecting the appropriate accounting software through the assessment and testing of accounting software before implementation.


CPTAX provides book-keeping services including:
–  Organize the record archival system and accounting records
–  Controlaccounting records
–  Keep business account of economic transactions, book-keeping services
–  Establish accounting books


Financial reports and other management reports provide the necessary information for managers, investors, banks, tax authorities … Therefore, Report preparation reflects accurately the financial, business situation of the unit and in accordance with provisions of law on requiring people with high professional knowledge. CPTAX with a team of experts with many years of experience in the field of accounting and auditing will assist customers in preparing Financial statements as well as other management reports as required to ensure accuracy, reasonableness and in accordance with current regulations.


CPTAX provides customers with service of checking and controlling financial statements to minimize risks and maximize benefits for Enterprises.

–  For managers: At present, the regulations relating to accounting policies, regular tax changes; on the other hand, many of the accountants are not qualified enough and do not have enough practical experience to make the accurate financial statements, in accordance with law regulations, are not capable of analysing datas on the reports, etc.. ..Therefore it greatly influences the direction of business development and makes many enterprises punished for administrative violations and are tax collected with huge amounts. Therefore, the inspection and control of financial statements are essential problems that need to be established.

– For investors: In order to ensure accurate and appropriate data analysis information on financial statements, you need an independent party controlling again the financial statements,CPTAX will help you to do that.